Monday, May 24, 2010

GOP Up Big in North Dakota

Not that this should really be a surprise to anyone, but with the retirement of the incumbent Democrat Byron Dorgan, the GOP appears very, very likely to pick up this seat in November. Current Governor John Hoeven is currently polling nearly 3/4 of the entire electorate, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

Hoeven (R): 72%
Potter (D): 23%
Other: 2%
Undecided: 3%

I feel that it's probably safe to say that unless the Governor gets involved with a counterfeiting-cocaine-prostitution-Neo Nazi-KKK-Canadian-murdering-bank heist ring, he's probably going to carry the day.

In further news, the state's only representative in Congress, Democrat Earl Pomeroy is behind in a new poll as well:

Berg (R): 52%
Pomeroy (D): 43%

Looks like North Dakota is riding the wave.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent news