Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Great Article Race

It's that time again, folks. The last Great Article Race was written on March 24. Since that time, Jumping in Pools set many firsts, from interviewing many Congressional and Senatorial candidates, to being linked on large, very respected sites, to changing our entire website's look. So, without further ado, the GAR:

The Top Contributors of the last Two Months:

Matthew- 230 Posts
Mr. K- 128 Posts
Michael- 87 Posts
Joe C.- 5 Posts
Southern Man- 1 Post
Lute Barnes- 1 Post

Number of Interviews in the last Two Months: 26

Michael obtained 14 interviews
Matthew obtained 9 interviews
Mr. K obtained 3 interviews

Pageviews (with 4 days excluded because of an error in the Analytics code): 55,012

The Top Seven Articles:

1. Interview with R.S. McCain, by Mr. K, with 3,952 views, or 7.2% of the views

2. Irate Muslims Threaten to Kill "Draw Mohammed Day" Group Creator on Facebook, by Michael, with 2,551 views, or 4.6% of the views

3. Jim Matheson to face Primary Challenge, by Mr. K, with 2,349 views, or 4.3% of the views

4. Scarlett Johansson Pictures, by Michael, with 1,456 views, or 2.6% of the views

5. Obama to Launch America Scouts, by Matthew, with 1,447 views, or 2.6% of the views

6. Obama was an Incompetent State Senator- His Transcripts on the Floor, by Matthew, with 1,213 views, or 2.2% of the views

7. Over 200 attendees at local Tea Party, by Mr. K, with 1,034 views, or 1.9% of the views

Interesting Notes-

-In the last two months, Jumping in Pools interviewed almost a dozen Congressional and Senatorial candidates, including Charles Djou and Sue Lowden.
-JiP was linked by Michelle Malkin and Hot Air for the first time
- Joe C. actually wrote several articles
- Mr. K once again get linked to Instapundit several times

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Joe C. said...

I didn't write shit!

Editor said...

Our top articles summary:

1. one-on-one with crazy Libertarian.

2. crazy muslims threaten freedom of speech.

3. crazy liberal challenges some-what crazy moderate in all the way crazy democratic battle.

4. crazy hot pics of hot babe.

5. craziness. through and through.

6. crazy ramblings of our crazy wacked Pres.

7. crazy? Might be the sanest article on the above mentioned list.

Editor said...

I was expecting more from Lute Barnes