Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tea Party GOPer Wins in ID to Face Tea Party Dem?

Raul Labrador won an upset victory in the Idaho primaries yesterday, getting a chance to run for the House by beating establishment Republican Vaughn Ward.

Final Tally:

Labrador: 48%
Ward: 39%

Vaughn won big support from Sarah Palin, who came to support the military veteran. But the campaign wasn't always smooth for him:

The main event, however, was the 1st District race where Ward began as the heavy favorite, named as one of the first 10 candidates in the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns recruiting program. Until Tuesday evening, the committee even featured a photo of Ward on its webpage of Young Gun candidates.

But he suffered through a series of late and embarrassing missteps—from plagiarizing President Obama’s famous 2004 convention speech to claiming Puerto Rico was a country during a televised debate. 

Still, Labrador won the support of the Boise Tea Party... while his opponent, Walt Minnick won the national Tea Party Express backing. The difference? Minnick is the only Democrat nationwide to win the Tea Party's backing.

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