Tuesday, May 25, 2010

North Korea Posturing Once Again

With an on-going crisis mounting on the Korean peninsula, dictatorial North Korea is once again trying to throw its weight around. With tensions seemingly increasing daily, North Korea apparently has no reservation about pushing the region into war.

The present hostilities have arisen after a reported North Korean missile sunk a South Korean ship. Instead of simply denying the attack, North Korea began declaring U.S. and South Korean aggression, while making bold promises about war, including that if the sinking of the ship is punished, then "all-out war" will ensue. This posturing continues.

Today, North Korea accused the South of trespassing upon their territory and promised military action if it 'continued.' What needs to be examined is why exactly North Korea is using the rhetoric of war. The leaders in Pyongyang must surely know that if war were to come that they would be crushed alone. Maybe that is the reason.

The posturing of the North could very well be them trying to gain support from the rest of the world. If Kim Jong-Il is able to gain the sympathy of China, then the United States and the South may not be willing, or even able, to act.

With the North blindly threatening war, if it should arise out of this conflict, then it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. North Korea could point to their warnings of war and declare that they were trying to avoid war, when it is obvious that they are doing the opposite.

We need an able hand to weave through this crisis. I doubt the President is the man to do it, but one can hope, I suppose.

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