Tuesday, May 25, 2010

North Korea really wants a War? Lets Fight!

Authors note - My inner War Hawk is out-of-control. A National enemy challenges the United States to a fight; we must act, and we must kick some serious Communist ass!

After it was discovered that North Korea was behind the sinking of a South Korean vessel, a few weeks ago, the United States and South Korea quickly condemned the North and promised pain (economic and otherwise). However, the North has responded with threatening War against the United States and South Korea.

My solution? If North Korea really wants a War, than lets give them a War.

(Warning to all Liberal readers: This evil Conservative is about to enter warmonger mode, brace yourselves)

For too long North Korea has threatened the United States with nuclear warheads, South Korea with constant invasion, and Japan with missile launches. I'm not sure what our gameplan was in 1955, but our enemies are still in North Korea, still threatening us, and now have the materials to completely obliterate us.

Something must be done.

I'm not a Military expert or strategist (though I hope to be one by this time next year), but if the combined forces of the United States Navy and the South Korean Army, with the occasional help from the Air Force (American or South Korean); I cannot imagine the North maintaining a strong defense for more than a week or two.

What about China? Some will ask.

The solution is rather easy (world economics would barely be touched by a War in North Korea, considering North Korea doesn't have an economy, and that our Troops are already there in the South); if our Chinese counterparts side with the North Koreans, than America should prohibit all products from China from entering our Nation during the War, and I'm sure the South Koreans would do likewise.

Even if for some unknown reason you don't like my war plan, please consider this: If the United States of America, and South Korea, toppled the North Korean regime, than millions of innocent oppressed souls would finally be able to taste freedom, and Korea would be one Nation (with the head of government in Seoul of course) again.

As I said before: If North Korea really wants a war, than lets give them a war.

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Harrison said...

The problem is China won't play ball... if China cut all trade NK would die quickly.

Karl said...

Violence DOES solve problems. War IS the answer on the Korean peninsula.

Time to free the hostages (aka the North Korean citizens).

Editor said...

Harrison - If China wont play ball than we wont allow lead poisioned toys into America for the duration of said War.

Karl (horrific picture man) - I agree on both accounts; War is the only method proven to remove evil dictators from power, and the poor citizens of North Korea, and those imprisioned, must be freed.

Sirchadthepro said...

War isn't always the key. Why not use Starcraft against those Koreans. If we can build a better group of Starcraft players they will surrender out of question. If you didn't know they made this game a sport. LoL.