Sunday, May 23, 2010

Starcraft 2 review

Starcraft 2


As many of you know the squeal to the ORIGINAL Starcraft will be released in July. This being said, I have been playing the BETA of Starcraft 2 trying to decide how good the game is going to be and whether or not to buy it when it comes out. Now i have some comments on the game's balancing, the units, and of course the game play.

  1. Every week there is a new patch trying to balance the game.
  2. The best balance they have done so far when it comes to causing an outcome in the game is the Roach.
  3. They made the Roach cost 2 supply making it harder to roach rush which was very efficient in my experience. After the patch i haven't seen a roach rush since.

I always play Protoss so its much easier to fight off zerg now.

So many different units for all the races. I enjoy just simple unit combination like
  1. Zealot-Stalker-Void Ray for the Protoss.
  2. Hydralisk-Roach-Mutalisk for Zerg.
  3. Marine-Marauder-Medivac-Viking for Terran.
  4. Although the Terran have 4 units for mine its much more efficient because i like more marauders than marines.

  1. The gameplay is great so far. I enjoy a lot of the maps but there still needs to be more.
  2. Big battles are great!!! Love the combination of units in big battles and strategies.
  3. I don't like the scarce amount of units so far. Honestly I wish there were more units to choose from with even just simple abilities.

So far this game has been great and looks like it will be a good buy. I hope the story is just as good as the game play so far. Starcraft is so far a 9 out of 10 for me but its not even complete yet so this is an incredible feat.

I definitely recommend this game and its going to be a great R.T.S. as was its predecessor.

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1 comment:

Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Great! This is an instant purchase for me. Great review too.