Sunday, May 23, 2010

Djou wins in Hawaii.

Hawaii's special congressional election has received little media attention over the past month, but the surprising results from Hawaii's first congressional district this evening could change all that come tomorrow and the week ahead. Its true: Republican Charles Djou has won in the congressional district that President Barack Obama grew up in.

Look out Scott Brown; there's a new "Republican upset kid" coming to Washington. No trucks I'm afraid, but a nice surfboard could work for Mr.Djou; especially along the Potomac. For just one minute I want to suck this victory in, while others across the Blogosphere wonder what in the hell just happened, unlike me, who has actually been following this election for months.

Hawaii Board of Elections:

(R) - Charles Djou - 67,274 - 39.5%
(D) - C. Hanabusa - 52,445 - 30.8%
(D) - Ed Case - 47,012 - 27.6%

Winning in Pennsylvania's 12th congressional district would have been impressive, but winning in Hawaii's 1st congressional district; where only one other Republican has ever been elected to the House of Representatives from, is literally earth shattering, and will provide Congressional Republicans with much appreciated backup.

Finally: A Republican has won in a special congressional election! In none other than Barack Obama's hometown congressional district. Sure, it's true that Hawaii Democrats split their vote; but it doesn't matter - winning is winning, whether it be pretty good or ugly good.

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