Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul Dragging the GOP Down

 I know that this may piss off a lot of our readers, but it has to be said. From the second that Rand Paul won the nomination, he has begun dragging down every national GOP candidate running for Congress or Senate this year. Crazy, you say? Look at what's begun.

1. He's painting us as racists.

I realize that he said he only had problems with one of the ten provisions of the Civil Rights Act, but it was still idiotic. I understand that in a utopian society the government would not ever have to defend people against racism. However, it is unconscionable to say that a restaurant can legally deny someone service on account of race.

I know he's not a racist, but his moronic statements will make us look like racists.... especially when the left-wing media starts conflating his crackpot theories with other Republicans.

2. He's a RINO.

For all of the criticism of John McCain over the years, he's been a very good spending hawk and excellent on foreign policy. Paul is neither of these. I know he'll say that he's the best spending hawk there is, but in a situation where spending will not be cut by a Democratic Congress, he will stand for higher taxation in order to meet the budget deficit. Raising taxes to reduce the deficit will only encourage more spending by the Dems, even if Paul stands against it. He's also ridiculous on foreign policy, against many of the provisions which are keeping us safe from jihadists. He's against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and his non-interventionism is worse than Carter's. So if you go by a 'purity test' he's more of a RINO than Lindsey Graham.

If you asked Paul if he was a Republican first or a libertarian first, he would say libertarian. He would also say that he's mainly a Republican because he knows a big-L Libertarian can't win at the ballot box. That is the definition of a RINO.

3. He's Using Obama's Talking Points

Last year Democratic leader Steny Hoyer penned a USA Today article calling people criticizing the health care efforts as "un-American." Just today Rand Paul said that President Obama criticizing BP was "un-American." To call Obama incompetent is one thing, but "un-American" is absolutely mentally handicapped.

This guy is not a Republican. He's a hard-core libertarian posing as one. For all of the talk of tossing RINOs, throw one out for a change instead of attacking mainstreamers like Bennett and McCain.

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Anonymous said...

Bennett and McCain are "mainstream" GOP? Methinks that's the problem.

Meeze said...

No, the GOP is dragging itself down without any help from Rand Paul.

During W's reign the Dem's ran candidates to the right of the GOP & took over congress. (They did it again in the PA 12 special election a few days ago)

Then the GOP establishment picked Ole John McCain as the leader of the party.

These two things alone gave us Obama.

Anonymous said...

McCain and his ilk are the ones who dragged the GOP down.

On domestic policy, Rand Paul is right on the money. All puns intended. On foreign policy...not so much.

The msm is going to paint every GOP candidate a racist, it doesn't matter. Those inclined to believe it would never vote Republican anyway.

Anonymous said...

To say a libertarian is dragging the GOP down is to completely MISS the message of the Tea Party slash Patriot slash call it what you like, movement. People are tired of the "mainstream" the GOP has become and are looking for a different approach. Paul (and his dad) are pretty much it. That's not just me, read the signs at the protests.

Anonymous said...

Most born again TP types and libertarians are impatient, and will sell out to be part of a party that can win something, anything, NOW. Let's try sticking to our principles for a GENERATION, and see what happens. A GOP vote is the same a a Dem vote, contrary to our principles - don't do it!

Anonymous said...

I personally think Obama is incompetent, I'm not sure what Rand meant when he said, Obama was "un-American" for criticizing BP.

That being said, Rand Paul is a breath of "fresh air" compared to the Dinosaurs in Congress right now, and that's including Dems and Rep.

If he believes in just half of what his father believes then he's certainly a better choice for DC than anyone the Dems or Republicans have.

The Republicans had better wake up and start doing something (and at this point that means "anything") or they will be out in November also.

We need a "change" for sure, and it's not Obama's idea of "Change" and so far, the Dems and Reps. haven't changed at all. So, there it is, the Tea Party people won't need the Reps. or the Dems in November, we can come up with 41 more replacements for the Dems in the House and what is it 10, replacements for the Senate? So, wake up or get out of the way, cause we are coming to DC one way or another to represent the people of this country who still believe in the Constitution and Freedom.

John Eden said...

So in other words, you just want another professional politician that doesn't speak his mind.

And we wonder how we got into this mess.

Editor said...

I want a politician who isn't retarded.

Obama speaks his mind. Look where that got us.