Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sestak Up by 2% Over Toomey

According to a new... yes, Daily Kos-Research 2000 poll, Congressman Joe Sestak is beating Republican Pat Toomey in the Senate contest in Pennsylvania. Kos polls don't tend to be too accurate, but since that's what we have today, we might as well highlight the results.

Sestak (D): 43%
Toomey (R): 40%

So what can we make out of this? There's still 17% undecided. With no incumbent and quite frankly, no incumbent party, it's baffling to see where the undecideds fall. However, considering that PA is a blue state, Toomey better be pushing hard if he wants to win.

Also according to the poll internal dynamics, 30% of independents are undecided....

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