Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blumenthal Up by 25%?

Coming after the New York Times story that Connecticut Democratic Senatorial Candidate Richard Blumenthal lied about serving in the Vietnam War, apparently a new Quinnipiac poll places him ahead by a staggering 25%. I know that it's Connecticut and that Democratic voters aren't exactly the most logical types, but this is stupefying.

And it also comes a week after a Rasmussen poll had Blumenthal up by only three.

So who are we to believe? Are we ready to accept that the people of Connecticut, which was almost so stupid as to put Ned Lamont in the Senate is now willing to accept Blumenthal there?

Blumenthal: 56%
McMahon: 31%

And of course the kicker is that 61% of those polled said that the Vietnam revelation wouldn't affect their vote.

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