Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Military man defeated in Idaho Primary.

It's true that Vaughn Ward stumbled towards the end of a long-hard fought Primary, which Raul Labrador (Republicans can't win the Hispanic vote?) won with close to 50% of the vote. But this is not just another loss for the Establishment GOP (Ward's a lifelong soldier, Labrador is a State legislator, how is Ward the Establishment?), it's another loss for the Military candidate.

In the year of the Tea Party: Veterans, Military men, and those who support National Defense have been targeted across the Nation, and a good number have been defeated. Senator Bennett was shoved out in Utah, Trey Grayson was defeated in Kentucky, Vaughn Ward was ambushed in Idaho, and Isolationists have won across the political spectrum.

I'm not accusing Raul Labrador of being against the United States Military, our Wars or other National Defense related issues, but his record of accomplishment doesn't come within a dozen miles of Vaughn Ward. Ward is a United States Marine who served his Nation for over a decade - whether it be regular duty overseas, joining the CIA or fighting in Afghanistan.

The Halls of Congress would have been better off with Vaughn Ward; a real American hero and Patriot. It's a shame the Republican voters of Idaho's 1st congressional district disagreed. But, I wouldn't want it any other way than the Republican voters deciding in the ballot boxes.

On a sidenote: 81,220 Republicans voted in yesterday's Primary election. That's about 45% of all Republican votes received in 2008; our base is energized, our movement is ready, and we should be able to recapture this Conservative district once and for all in November. As long as the "Tea Partiers" don't screw things up.

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