Monday, May 31, 2010

Is "Leave Me The Hell Alone" Conservatism on The Rise?

Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House published an article on whether or not "Leave me the Hell Alone Conservatism" is on the rise within the GOP this morning, and I feel compelled to write about National Defense related Conservatism real quick.

It's true that Western Conservatism, or "Leave Me The Hell Alone Conservatism", has gained considerable momentum within the Republican Party since President Obama was inaugurated last January. However, this momentum will never takeover the GOP and some aspects of the movement should never be heard or seen.

Let's begin with this momentum will never takeover the GOP; as long as the Southern United States is still apart of the Union, Evangelical-Social Conservatism will have a strong hold within the GOP; which is a good thing considering the Pro-Life stance is gaining ground, and that more and more states are declaring "gay marriage" illegal.

Now when talking about and some aspects of the movement should never be heard or seen; I am referring to the Isolationist, gut the Military, neo-anarchist aspects of this movement, which populates the fringe of American politics, and doesn't understand it's 2010, and that our National Defense should function as if we're in the year 2010.

To make things simple: Western Conservatism, or "Soft Libertarianism" as Rick Moran dubbed it; might have a few more advocates, such as Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin, but it will never make a permanent mark on our current political society. And when it deals with a National Defense or War related issue; should never be heard or seen.

I'm not calling Sarah Palin an Isolationist (I'll call Beck that), and I know her motives are more along the "rugged Individual" line of the West, but her endorsement of Congressman Paul's son over a certified Conservative is troubling, especially when we already have 58 Senators and a good portion of the House prepared to gut our Armed Forces.

As I've written before: National Defense or nothing.

Also; Domestic Western Conservatism should be used on a regular basis (exempting the anti-drug-on-war and anti-social conservatism attitude) when dealing with Domestic issues only, I'm not objecting to that, but once National Defense is touched - all of those Western Isolationist carpetbaggers should be kicked the hell out of office.

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