Monday, May 24, 2010

A Strategy for Rand Paul

Rand Paul, who recently won Kentucky's Republican nomination for Senate, cancelled his scheduled interview on Meet the Press yesterday. This comes after Rand Paul expressed doubts about whether he would have supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act because of governmental incursions into private businesses.

Once again, Rand Paul is making the GOP look bad. Regardless of what his other qualities are, Paul's gaffe concerning the Civil Rights Act and the damage control that has ensued is badly hurting Republicans. As I write, Chris Matthews is devoting an entire segment on his show about how the GOP looks horrible because of Paul's actions.

The point of the matter is that Paul should have never have made these comments about the Civil Rights Act. However, since he did, he has to face the music. Hiding from the media and allowing them to mischaracterize the GOP and him cannot be allowed.

Rand Paul needs to step up and answer to what he said. What he needs to do is participate in all the interviews that he has scheduled and explain why he said what he said. The fact that he has not makes it almost seem that he cannot. The thing is, if this whole thing is what Paul wants us to think, that it was a simple misunderstanding of his opinion, than he should be able to explain it away.

If you need more info, this video may help:

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