Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Primary Day Review - May 18, 2010.

For all Conservative minded individuals; yesterday was pure hell watching the Pennsylvania and Kentucky Primaries, along with that special election in Pennsylvania's 12th district, which in the end proves that voters are still naive. There was little good news, but much heartache:


Rand Paul; the son of Congressman Ron Paul, whom I despise with a passion, defeated the Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson by 80,000 votes last night, receiving the GOP Nomination on a campaign that ran against the GOP platform on National Defense, and on Libertarian beliefs. This nomination will only help the Democrat candidate in November.

I would rather lose this seat in November, than to see this Isolationist dirtbag in Congress, or anywhere near there.


Pat Toomey had one definite path to victory: Senator Arlen Specter winning the Democratic Nomination. But that didn't happen last night - Congressman Sestak received the nomination without much problem, and the electoral chances of Pat Toomey are complicated for this November.

Pat Toomey will do a fine job campaigning against Joe Sestak, and with Senator Specter no longer in contention, the Republican vote should go to Toomey's campaign without problem, however, without having the "flip flopping" king of Pennsylvania as his opponent, things will become difficult.

Pennsylvania's 12th district

Mark Critz (D) - 71,684 - 53.4%
Tim Burns (R) - 59,476 - 44.3%
Demo Agoris (L) - 3,142 - 2.3%

Must I say more? Like Doug Hoffman, David Harmer, and James Tedisco before him, Tim Burns has lost with the complete backing of Conservative blogs and organizations. Momentum might be behind Republicans, but I just don't see it yet, especially in a district that John McCain won with ease in 2008.


Good news: Neither Senator Lincoln nor Lt. Governor Bill Halter received enough votes for the Democrat nomination last evening. Forcing the Democratic dogfight to continue for at least a few more weeks.

Great news: Congressman John Boozman was selected as the Republican Nominee with 53% of the vote. He's performing well against both his potential Democratic opponents in general election polls. For Arkansas Republicans this is excellent news, and should be celebrated.


Kentucky - We're screwed.
Pennsylvania - Tough general election upcoming.
Pennsylvania 12 - Naive Democratic addicts.
Arkansas - Good and Great news.

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