Sunday, May 23, 2010

Republican gains in Hawaii are dramatic.

Hawaii's first congressional district is now in Republican hands, and Washington Democrats are sure to be planning "firing squads" for Colleen Hanabusa and Ed Case; the two Democrats who split the 100,000 Democratic vote, opening the path for Charles Djou, a certified Conservative.

Now I expect most Democrats and Liberals to blame Charles Djou's "victory" on the Democratic split, and on Hawaii's unique special election format. However, that would be a distraction from the real picture: Charles Djou increased Republican votes by more than 75% during a special election.

Don't believe me? Wrap your mind around these statistics:

2008 congressional election

(D) Abercrombie - 154,208 - 70.6%
(R) Steve Tataii - 38,115 - 17.4%
Other/Blank vote - 25,963 - 11.9%

2010 special election

(R) Charles Djou - 67,610 - 39.4%
(D) Democrats - 100,193 - 58.4%
Other/Blank vote - 3,614 - 2.2%

Charles Djou not only benefited from a "Democratic split" between Moderates and Liberals, but he increased the amount of Republican votes in Hawaii's first congressional district by 29,000 votes or by 75%, in a special election. That's a dramatic shift in just 18 months.

If Republicans can increase their vote total by 75% in Hawaii; a well known bastion of Democrat policies (exempting traditional marriage, which Hawaiians feel strongly about) and politicians, than what can Republicans do in Arkansas, North Dakota, Arizona and Nevada; states where Democrats are on the decline?

Congressman Djou's successful campaign increased Republican votes by 75% during a special congressional election, when most voters stay home (54% of registered voters participated in this special election). What will happen across America in November; when the American public declares liberalism dead on review? We can only hope, but I'm optimistic.

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