Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reid Beating Angle, Losing to Lowden

I wrote about this last week. If the Republican Party in Nevada nominates Sharron Angle for Senate, Harry Reid will have another term. Angle simply divides too many voters and hands too big of an advantage to the incumbent. According to a Las Vegas Review Journal poll, Sue Lowden is strong-- Angle is not.

Lowden (R): 42%
Reid (D): 39%

Reid (D): 42%
Angle (R): 39%

And the primary votes are also telling:

Lowden: 30%
Angle: 29%
Tarkanian: 23%

Lowden and Tarkanian are both mainstream, viable candidates. Angle, on the other hand, is too libertarian and out there to not only win the election, but to effectively serve the people of Nevada. I know that people want outsiders right now-- but to the GOP primary voters, don't choose someone outside of reality.

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Anonymous said...

Did you mean Sharron Angle.

Nice blog

Rick said...

You should definitely check out this great political ad from Sue Lowden about Sharron Angle's support of Scientology-backed prison spas: