Monday, May 31, 2010

The Jewish Vote in 2012.

The last Republican Nominee to capture the Jewish-American vote in a Presidential Election was Warren Harding, during the 1920 Presidential Election; and that only happened because Jewish-Americans split their vote between Socialist Eugene Debs and Democrat James Cox.

The only other Republican to come close to winning the Jewish-American vote since 1920 was Ronald Reagan in 1980; when John Anderson won 14% of the Jewish-American vote; allowing Reagan to almost capture a plurality over Jimmy Carter. No surprise there.

However, after decades of Democratic domination over the Jewish vote; could 2012 be the year another Hebrew Exodus occurs? Considering the ever-increasing anti-Israeli tone of the current Administration towards our allies and friends in Israel; anything could happen in just 30 months.

But could the next Republican Nominee really capture the Jewish-American electoral vote? In four decades the Republican Party will win the Jewish-American vote by default; considering a interesting trend in Jewish voting patterns over the past few years, that trend being that young Jews are more Conservative, and thus more Republican than their elders.

In the end it will come down to the Obama Administration: Do they want to retain a 90 year old Democratic voting bloc, or do they want to appease the enemies of Israel; through UN Treaties designed to target, exploit and blame Israel over current Middle Eastern conflicts.

I'm not Jewish, and thus I have no standing within their community or voting bloc, but I would like to make this personal appeal to my fellow Americans; Which Party has supported Israel in the best and worst of times? Which Party continues to stand with Israel, regardless of the cost we might pay at the polls? Which Party refuses to blame Israel for the mistakes of the Arab world?

You know which one I'm talking about.

Also, the conditions are right for a Jewish-American Republican to receive the Nomination in 2012, and to restore Conservatism in the Jewish community. And the conditions are also right for a Republican, regardless of nationality, to receive the largest percentage of Jewish votes since 1980.

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