Monday, May 24, 2010

We're Still at War. But Neutered.

The United States Military is still deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq; with possible missions to Pakistan, Somali, and other hotbeds of Islamic Terrorism around the corner. Matt wrote about the incredible "bi-partisanship" of Congress, and the lack of anti-war demonstrations against America's ongoing Wars overseas; proving Democrats were obstructionists during the Bush White House and that anti-war demonstrators were mainly anti-Bush, anti-Republican nutjobs.

Thankfully we're still at War in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama's "promises" were just baseless ramblings to appease his left-wing anti-war base. However, even though we're still fighting in the Middle East; our Armed Forces have been neutered by the Administration; one action by one action.

Neutered? Let us examine:

1. President Obama has flown across the world (and sometimes invited guests to Washington) to apologize for the supposed sins of America. Weakening our stance with allies, while fueling the anger of enemies.

2. President Obama has insulted Israel, Great Britain, France, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, and several other allies, while coddling to Iran, North Korea, the Taliban, South American Dictators, and Cuba.

3. President Obama ignored the requests of General McChrystal for three months. Why? Well, in the eyes of Obama: controlling the health care of 300 million Americans is more important than backing up 150,000 soldiers in the Middle East.

4. President Obama's Administration has attempted to force the "repeal of don't ask don't tell" down the throats of our Military; even though our Armed Forces oppose it by wide margins, and would cause a drop in troop morale.

5. President Obama's Administration does not allow our soldiers to fight against unarmed Taliban, even if they just attacked our troops, and they have also introduced a "constraint" award for soldiers who don't kill our enemy.

6. President Obama's Administration has refused to call our enemies what they are: Radical IslamoFascists. Our current Wars have been politically corrected to death; surrendering the word game to our enemies.

7. Four Terrorist Attacks have occurred on Obama's watch: Murder of Military recruiters in Arkansas, Fort Hood massacre, Christmas Day "panty-bomber" and the thankfully failed attack on Times Square. President Bush kept us safe for seven consecutive years; Obama hasn't for seven consecutive months.

8. President Obama has launched a War against America's Intelligence System; releasing vital information, targeting the CIA, while hindering successful interrogation techniques in Gitmo, and forcing soldiers to comply with strict interrogation guidelines.

President Obama and his Administration has neutered our Wars on Terrorism; our Wars against IslamoFascists who want to behead us all. So why are our forces still kicking ass and taking names in the Middle East? Because we're still Americans; weaken us, threaten us, hold us hostage; we're still Americans.

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