Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interview with Tom Reed, Republican candidate for Congress.

I just had the pleasure of Interviewing Mayor Tom Reed; the leading Republican candidate in New York's 29th congressional district, the district which Representative Massa "represented" for 14 months. Mr.Reed was the successful Mayor of Corning, New York, and has been fighting in Court and otherwise for a special congressional election to be held for the citizens of New York's 29th district, which is currently vacant. This is interview number number 90 in our interview series.

I hope everyone enjoys the following Interview; as this is a man we need in Washington, along with Congressman King, Congressman Lee, Doug Hoffman, Michel Faulkner, and several other fine Republican candidates for Congress from New York state.

Tim Knight - Mr.Reed, why are you running for the United States House of Representatives?

Tom Reed - Fundamentally it is about my children. I have a 9 year old and an 11 year old. I worry that with the debt load and other irresponsible practices the government is currently engaged in that the American way of life we hold dear will not be there for them and their children.

Tim Knight - Mr.Reed, what is your opinion of Governor Paterson stalling representation to the citizens of New York's 29th congressional district?

Tom Reed - While I am pleased that the Governor has decided to acknowledge the need for residents of the 29th Congressional District to have representation, I am disturbed by the governor's plan of holding the special election on the regular election day. While he claims to be worried about cost and disenfranchisement of military voters, his plan shows these cannot truly be his concerns. If he was worried about cost, why did he skip over primary day in September as a potential day for the special election? If he was concerned about military and other absentee voters why did he come up with a plan that is so convoluted and complex that it will ensure delays in ballot printing and make disenfranchisement MORE likely? I am left to conclude his decision is a political one. Playing games with fundamental constitutional rights, like representation, is wrong. I call on the Governor to stop the games and give the people a choice as soon a possible. Whether it is myself or someone else, the people of this district deserve a voice in Washington.

Tim Knight - Mr.Reed, what is your opinion of the ongoing Korean situation, and could Force be a viable option?

Tom Reed - The use of force is always a last resort. However, whenever we rule out options unilaterally during international crises we only give information to our opponents. Therefore the use of force to protect our allies should remain part of the President's arsenal of options. Of course we hope it won't come to that. Nevertheless, there must be consequences of some nature for North Korean acts of aggression. Sinking of South Korean boats is not a step on the road to peace.

Tim Knight - Mr.Reed, what is your general opinion of National Defense related issues?

Tom Reed - The foremost responsibility of the Federal government is protecting the American public. I support our troops in their efforts in Afghanistan and will stand with them to see that they get the support and resources they need.

Tim Knight - Mr.Reed, as Congressman, what would you do for the American people?

Tom Reed - I hope I would be a strong advocate for the people of my district and a voice in Washington DC for a more limited role of the federal government. I want to be a part of returning this nation to a more private sector based economy. At the end of the day I want to be a part of putting the nation on path of long term economic growth.

Tim Knight - Mr.Reed, can you promise the American people that absolutely no "tickle fights" will occur in your House office if elected?

Tom Reed - Yes. We need to hold our elected officials to high standards of personal behavior. We have seen too many personal scandals in recent years.

Tim Knight - Mr.Reed, how can the average American citizen help your campaign to restore Representation in New York's 29th congressional district?

Tom Reed - Obviously our campaign can always use donations and volunteers. People can sign up to do both at Regarding the lack of a timely special election. I advise people to contact the governor and make their frustration known. Letters to the editor and talking about the issue with friends are also important. Let your anger be known and get involved.

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