Friday, May 21, 2010

The Second Amendment under President Obama.

When the Obama Administration took over last January; I was understandably concerned about what impact the current White House, when combined with two Democratic controlled Houses of Congress, would have on America's Second Amendment. However, out of all the blunders and all the unconstitutional actions; America's Second Amendment has actually been strengthened over the past 16 months.

Considering the anti-second amendment feeling within the White House; how could America's most important right be strengthening?

1. The National Rifle Association has grown to 4 million members. While other Conservative organizations have benefited from tax, health care and other-in-the-news' issues of general importance; Second Amendment issues have rarely been discussed.

2. After the President was inaugurated last year; millions upon millions of Americans bought firearms, ammo and other gun related items as fast as they could. Reasonable Americans no longer took their Constitutional right for granted.

3. Pro-Gun legislation has been passed across the United States; from Tennessee to the Halls of Congress. Legislation to allow Right-To-Carry gunholders to carry weapons across state lines almost passed in the Senate; and pro-gun language absolutely stalled the "Washington DC" voter rights act.

It's true that Sonia Sotomayor has been confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, and that Elena Kagan will also be confirmed to the Court and will oppose our Second Amendment rights as well; but a slim Court majority of 5 Justices should forever stop Cities such as Chicago from prohibiting local gunowners from possessing firearms, when the McDonald v. Chicago case is eventually decided.

While every other part of the United States Constitution has been threatened, raped and harassed by officials within the Obama Administration; the Second Amendment has survived and thrived under a seemingly hostile White House; proving the political hazard of messing with America's most important right.

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