Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Christie 2016?

As a proud citizen of New York State; and to a lesser extent the North East, the political arena is downright depressing for a Conservative Republican, and there is little to be pleased or enthused about. But there is this one man named Christie, who one day could become the 44th President of the United States.

Governor Christie to be exact.

While New York legislators are considering another tax hike here and there, the Massachusetts Governor is accusing Republicans of sedition, Connecticut legislators are playing online poker and Rhode Island's legislative leaders are refusing to enforce illegal immigration laws, New Jersey's highly successful newcomer Governor is saving his State from economic ruin.

Governor Chris Christie has declared that a "state of fiscal emergency exists in the State of New Jersey", has slashed government spending across the board, has freezed the New Jersey budget in several departments, has fought against the teachers union, union pensions, and certain folks who carry the unions water in the legislature.

What's not to love? Christie is a Conservative Republican Governor who governs as he promised to, and no-one escapes the wrath of Christie; whether you be a legislator, teacher or a reporter, I promise you no mercy will be given.

That's why members of the Conservative Blogosphere are thinking about a possible Christie run for President in 2016, or even 2012. While suspicion over a 2012 Presidential run is childish and downright stupid; someone with more than three years experience must be nominated (do we really want another Obama?), 2016 looks plausible, and actually exciting.

Think about it: Governor Chris Christie, the successful two term Executive from the once awful economic state of New Jersey, prepared to lead on day one, and prepared to veto on day two. It would win Republicans the White House back with 55% of the vote. Not only that, but perhaps we could win a North Eastern state or two in the process.

For now the Governor and all of his supporters (myself included) should focus on Mr.Christie's job of turning New Jersey around, and after a few more successful years, than we should think about 2016, and turning around America, hopefully before all possible hope of turning around America is gone.

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CFD Trading Strategies said...

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Reaganite Independent said...

I'd vote for him in two seconds, about time we got a man of principle to vote for

William Barrett said...

I just hope he doesn't turn into another Sarah Palin. She started off doing exactly the same thing, and when her popularity took off after being the VP nominee, I think some of it got to her head. I don't know who is giving her advice, but they are obviously idiots (like backing McCan't in Arzona? Really?). I seriously hope that he is able to keep up this pace and really put the hurt on unions in general. Maybe that will make other states sit up and take notice!