Wednesday, May 19, 2010

McCain Up by Twelve in AZ Primary

According to Rasmussen, the most accurate polling service, incumbent Senator John McCain is beating his challenger JD Hayworth by double digits. This came after Hayworth pulled within five in one poll. McCain appears to be picking up momentum even after a senior staffer left his campaign. Hayworth has been dogged by allegations of taking money from disgraced lobbyist/felon Jack Abramoff. The poll was conducted on May 17th.

McCain: 52%
Hayworth: 40%

Considering that McCain won with over 70% of the vote in 2004, what are some Republicans thinking. Hayworth's a loser-- corrupt and knocked out of Congress from a solidly GOP district. McCain is still popular in the state and would easily win re-election. Hayworth should cut his losses and withdraw before he has to be defeated again. Further evidence shows that McCain is not as unpopular as previously believed among Arizona Republicans:

Those figures include 30% who view McCain Very Favorably and nine percent (9%) Very Unfavorably. The numbers for Hayworth are 25% Very Favorable and 11% Very Unfavorable.

So maybe McCain will wind up winning after all. He might just be the Senate's best-- the best on spending and military affairs. He stood for responsibility in fiscal policy when the GOP was spending money like crazy (including Hayworth.)

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