Monday, May 24, 2010

Harry Reid's Chance Comes from GOP Infighting

Politico has pointed out something that has been simmering for a while now. Apparently Senate Majority leader Harry Reid stands one chance at gaining victory this fall: the Republicans give it to him. There has been a strong fight between three candidates, with Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian representing the more neoconservative wing of the party and Linda Angle coming from the libertarian side. Apparently all of Reid's early attacks on Lowden, whom we interviewed, has catapulted Angle into the lead in the state. And Reid is depending on Angle winning to paint our party into the corner. This seems to be coming out of Reid's staff.

And they believe an Angle win in the June 8 Nevada GOP primary would give them an appealing national narrative: that the Republicans’ November ticket across the country is filled with “extreme” candidates well outside the mainstream of American politics.

On her website — full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors — Angle declares: “Like a soldier going to war, I am fighting for my country, the Constitution and a free society.”

She wants to privatize Social Security; cut federal spending by hundreds of billions of dollars; build nuclear power plants inside Yucca Mountain; abolish the federal income tax and institute a “simpler, fairer, flatter tax system”; “defund Obamacare”; pull the United States out of the United Nations; ban nearly all abortions; get rid of the Energy and Education departments as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and remove all campaign finance restrictions, requiring instead immediate reporting of donations.

And in a state with a large and growing Hispanic population, Angle takes a hard-line view on immigration, siding with the tough new Arizona law that gives law enforcement officials broad discretion to crack down on suspected illegal aliens.

Still, this doesn't help us at all. I'd rather have a RINO than Reid any day. Let's make sure we don't throw away a layup trying to make some fancy, unnecessary shot.

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commoncents said...

Nice Post! Keep up the good work!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange??

Anonymous said...

"Angle takes a hard-line view on immigration, siding with the tough new Arizona law that gives law enforcement officials broad discretion to crack down on suspected illegal aliens. "

OMG! She's an 'extremist' who stands with 2/3rds of the country against amnesty supporters like Harry Reid.

I also love hos being for the Constitution and wanting to cut spending is 'extreme'.
It's flying bullpukey to call Sharon Angle extreme, when Reid has passed the extremist Obamacare, the extremist $1.5 trillion deficits, the extremist Government bailout-Porkulus/stimulus and a host of other extreme bills.

Reid really needs to be retired pronto, and Sharon Angle is the perfect person to send him there.

Anonymous said...

"I'd rather have a RINO than Reid any day. "

Sharon Angle will crush Reid after she wins the primary. Would you rather have a conservative or a liberal?

Paul said...

Sharron Angle is too extreme to beat Harry Reid.

She wants to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, abolish the federal income tax, pull out of the United Nations, ban nearly all abortions, eliminate the Department of Energy and Education, in addition to getting rid of all campaign finance restrictions.

Those views may play well to the tea party base she has developed, but the vast majority of Nevadans and Americans do not share those views.

In Nevada, Democrats still hold a registration advantage over Republicans, which means that it is impossible to win statewide office without gaining moderate and conservative Democrat support.

Sharron Angle can't possibly pick up those needed votes with such extreme and alienating political views, which means Harry Reid would easily defeat her.

We can't waste our primary vote on someone who can't get the job done.