Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pakistan Nutjobs: US Behind Times Square Attack

A rather eye-opening piece from the NY Times, of all places. Apparently, Pakistan is rife with all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories about how everyone is out to destroy Pakistan and the Muslim world. But there are some rather interesting excerpts in there:

[Hamid] uses Google searches to support his theory that India, Israel and the United States — through their intelligence agencies and the company formerly known as Blackwater — are conspiring to destroy Pakistan.
For Mr. Hamid, the case of Mr. Shahzad is one piece of a larger puzzle being assembled to pressure Pakistan. Why, otherwise, the strange inconsistencies, like the bomb’s not exploding? “If you connect the dots, you have a pretty exciting story,” he said.

It's almost like none of this is true! But there is a sad part:

But Mr. Hamid is more interested in the larger plot, like the secret ownership of the Federal Reserve, which he found on the Internet. After three years of fame, his star seems to be falling. This month his show was canceled, and he has had to rely on Facebook and audio CDs to make his points. 


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