Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Everybody Draw Muhammad" Group Removed, "Everybody Draw Holocaust," Hamas Page Still Online

Update: The group Everybody Draw Muhammad Day has been put back up. Threats from upset Muslims caused the group to be taken down for two days, but has since been reinstated.

Muslims who threaten violence over pictures of Muhammad only further the stereotype of Islam as radical religion. Facebook, however, doesn't understand that if you give in to violence and intimidation, than those making the threats believe they win and will do it again.

Is the group "AGAINST 'Everybody Draw Muhammad Day'" banned? Of course not. Obviously that group is more peaceful and sensible with discussion topics like "Blocck the kafirs," "Zionist plot," and "HaHa Look At This Guys" (where people promote shooting Jews with AK-47s).

Take a look:
This stuff is simply disgusting:

In another anti-Draw Muhammad Day group, they also have this picture:
Recognize that flag? You might because it is known as the "flag of jihad." Once again, Facebook leaves clear calls to violence up but takes down something defending the First Amendment.

Almost as egregious is Facebook allowing a group mocking those who died in the Holocaust to exist. Take a look. Remember, "Everybody draw Muhammad" group was taken down, this survived:

Update: I'm not going to say whether the Draw Muhammad Day group was bad, but Facebook has left up many much more disgusting groups, such as (with language cleaned up):

"F*ck Christianity"
"F*ck Islam"
and Everybody Draw Holocaust

Update: And one more: Hamas. You know, that political organization that promotes violence against Israel? In fact they even openly admit that they "launched numerous suicide bombings against Israelis, the first of them in April, 1993" and that it has "also been responsible for rocket attacks since 2001, improvised explosive device attacks, and shootings." It's right on the front page of their group:

Way to go, Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hypocrites.

Rarian Rakista said...

It is time to start posting these images everywhere on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

That flag is the basic declaration of faith in Islam. It's as old as Islam itself, the Taliban just appropriated it. Also, if you see Wikipedia, the Taliban have the colors reversed (white flag with black writing). Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe my comment was deleted. you can insult a race in this blog but swearing is taboo hey?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you took the time to investigate, that the draw holocaust wasn't hamas, but a group out of the good ole radical oil nation of tejas.