Monday, May 24, 2010

"Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" Group Back Online

After being shut down, the Facebook group "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" has emerged again. Threats from angry Muslims caused the shut down, but new Administrators of the group have put it back up. From the group:
This page was removed two days ago, after one of our moderators had his email and skype hacked. His personal data was revealed. He then got scared and deleted the page, the blog and the emails. The rest of us, are now back without him after he backed out. This is another scare tactic from the Islamic extremists. We won't fall.
With the group back online, Freedom of Speech is back on Facebook. We covered the death threats made several day ago. However, despite the hacking and threats by extremists, the courageous group of people at Everybody Draw Mohammed Day on Facebook have put the group back online.

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Anonymous said...

Durka durka, Mohammed Jihad.

Anonymous said...

watch this

they are making fun of their own jesus hahahahaha:D.