Thursday, May 20, 2010

Senator Bennett, Mark Steyn and Freedom of Speech.

I must admit something that rarely happens to me: I have too many topics to write about than time to spare this morning. It feels like the end of the world is upon me; just last night I was in "Chairman" mode at a local Young Republican meeting, and today; I'm completely lost, without direction as to what the hell I should be writing about.

Thus, the following article will be a combination of opinions on Senator Bennett of Utah, a book review of Mark Steyn's America Alone and a valued paragraph or two on Freedom of Speech and how that Freedom must be exercised and protected at all costs.

To Run or Not to Run.

According to an article on USA Today's website; Senator Bennett will soon decide on whether or not he will run as an "write-in" candidate in Utah's Senatorial election in November. He would be the first Senator since Joe Lieberman back in 2006 to attempt a "third party" run to reclaim his seat in the Halls of Congress.

Putting aside my personal (positive) feelings about Senator Bennett for a minute; can the longtime United States Senator win if he were to run as a "write in" candidate against the eventual Democratic & Republican nominees? I believe Senator Bennett could and would win. Some might accuse me of political bias, but I think we should look at the facts before labeling me.

1. Senator Bob Bennett won the 2004 Senate Election with 69% of the vote, compared to 28% of the vote for his Democratic opponent, and 3% of the vote for two lesser known candidates. As we are well aware of; Utah is a red state, that's not gonna change in 2010.

2. According to a Rasmussen Reports poll in April; 37% of Utah Republicans would have voted for Senator Bennett if a Primary was held, instead of the State Convention. If Senator Bennett could retain those 37% in November, along with at least 70% of undecided Republicans; than a successful campaign could achieve 51% of Republican votes; more than enough to achieve the ultimate upset.

3. If my above mentioned "theories" were to occur, and the Democratic candidate receives about the same percentage of votes in 2010 than in 2004; Senator Bennett could win with 35%* of the vote, the eventual Republican Nominee could capture 34% of the vote, leaving the Democrat in last place with 28% of the vote.

Senator Bennett could win; if he runs.

America Alone.

Mark Steyn has long been my favorite talk show host and Conservative columnist, but his book America Alone; was just eye opening. I never realized before that birth rates have fallen to such levels in Europe; I've heard of the Pope begging for Italian Catholics to reproduce and I've read of the Russian government offering $9,000 thousand to reproducing couples, but I never put two and two together before.

I'm not going to write long about it, but if you want an eye opening experience on the death of Europe and how radical Islamists are slowly gaining control; please purchase Mr.Steyn's book and be amazed (and also send it to your liberal friends).

Freedom of Speech.

Today is Draw Mohammad Day across the entire Conservative Blogosphere, where faithful individuals to Freedom of Speech will declare this to radicals who threaten them: We're not gonna take your threats anymore. Freedom is for all, not for the selected. Freedom of Speech doesn't protect the Freedom to not be offended; to be offended is to be breathing, a natural human experience.

As William Wallace declared in Braveheart: FREEDOM!

* - Including the Independent voters; who would be more inclined to support a Senator Bennett "write-in" reelection campaign than to support Mike Lee or Tim Bridgewater, who most feel are dragging the Party to the Isolationist Right.

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Bennett should run as a write-in in the GOP primary