Tuesday, May 12, 2009

France goes too far.

I am 100% against Internet Piracy, and stealing movies & music, etc. from companies that are getting ripped off. I believe there should be a three strike law :

First offense - 1,000 dollar fine.
Second offense - 10,000 dollar fine, or 15 days in local jail.
Third offense - 10 months in prison, felony offense.

Internet piracy is the same as theft from a store, only worse.

However, France has just passed a law giving the government complete control to shut down someone's internet connection if they are suspected or have committed internet piracy. That goes way to far in government control, I also oppose giving the President complete control to shut down the American internet if the President sees a crisis or cyber-warfare, as being proposed in the Senate :

I oppose that, because shutting the complete internet has nothing to do with cyber warfare with China.
I oppose that, because this gives any President control to shut down the Internet at his whim.
I oppose that, because it no longer keeps a customer - internet company market, but government control in another economic market.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's worse than that. This law makes being hacked a crime -- they call it not securing your wifi access.