Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama Weeps During Town Hall

President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to a town hall meeting in Racine, WI to help bolster his stalled health care plan. Surrounded by local elected representatives, President Obama made a quick speech followed by questions.

Members of the audience were surprisingly quiet, asking questions sparingly. The President then asked the crowd to "really challenge me."

After two more minutes George Johnston, a registered independent from Milwaukee, asked, "What is the hardest part about these town hall protests?"

At this point, the President sat down in a folding chair and started to respond:

"As President, it's my responsibility to mak sure that each and every American receives equal rights and dignity..."

At this point, the President began to choke up and placed his hand over his face. "I'm so sorry," he stated as a visible tear rolled down his cheek. "I'm sorry."

After an aide handed the President a glass of water, he continued in a tearful voice.

"It's my responsibility to make sure that all Americans are taken care of. And I think that it's so unfair that some of my enemi-- opponents are totally mischaracterizing my words. I know that under their plan-- the current plan,they would like many of the elderly to die rather than have private insurance pay for life support. I know that they would like to put the retarded into insane asylums rather than treat them like human beings.

"I know that they would rather ignore the problem than say that it exists. I know that they would rather blame me in order to save a mere $500 billion dollars to help save thirty million lives. I know that it seems stressful to be me, and it is.

"That's why it's so important that you email any fishy emails to Please, everyone. Help me save this country from the radicals."

The President was then answered with sparse applause. He then smiled and left the room. Some observers stated they saw him weakly throw the microphone to the ground and let out a large sigh.

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