Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prediction: Media Will Attempt to Use Ridge Claims to Get Heat Off of Obama

Former Pennsylvania Governor and Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge has raised eyebrows with accounts that appear to show that Bush Administration pressured him to raise the terror alert level in 2004 to aid the President's reelection campaign.

A couple problems here. I think that Ridge is being honest, but his book doesn't directly say that this happened to begin with. Secondly, he doesn't state that Bush or Cheney asked for this. Third, he was asked by Ashcroft and Rumsfeld, who were both informed about al Qaeda threats.

But what will come from this? This will be used as a distraction away from President Obama's dropping poll numbers and political agenda. This will be a way to reorient the debate from the health care issues to Bush.

Bush is a convenient bogeyman for those uninformed about politics. Many hope that it is still en vogue to call him a stupid dictator. Many on the left, especially MSNBC will hope to launch this smokescreen as a way of saying "See, Bush is finally gone. You don't want him to return do you? So be happy with Obama and shut your mouth."

They will try. One thing that will be interesting is if they succeed.

But until then I call firsties on this.

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