Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Albania Sending 85 More Troops to Afghanistan

After news of the American troop surge in Afghanistan broke, many nations have agreed to bolster the NATO mission in Afghanistan, ISAF. 5,000 new forces will be deploying with the Americans to try and pacify the country.

Poland, our steadfast ally, is sending 600 on top of its 2000 already in place. Britain is sending 500 more.

But to readers of Jumping in Pools, it should come as no surprise that tiny Albania, the most pro-American nation in Europe is deploying 85 more troops, bringing its commitment up to 335 soldiers. This is the same country that sent 200 troops to win the war in Iraq.

You go, Albania!

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Harrison said...

Albania has only 14,500 total active and reserve troops. This represents 3% of their armed forces. The UK, for example, has 9,500 troops out of 484,860 or 2% of their troops. So Albania is making a greater contribution than the UK is!

R4 card said...

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Mr. K said...

Albania is doing a good job. As is our other allies, lets not forget about Iceland...who sent almost all of their forces to Iraq.....