Sunday, December 6, 2009

Harry Reid Way Behind in Polls

I know that it's still really, really early right now, but it appears that Senate Majority Leader Harold Reid (D-NV) is already facing a stiff challenge from Republicans. This is in a state with a growing Latino community which switched from supporting President Bush in 2004 to heavily favoring Barack Obama in 2008.

According to the Real Clear Politics average, Reid fairs poorly against both potential candidates.

Against Sue Lowden Reid trails by 8.3%. Against Danny Tarkanian he trails by six.

But the news gets worse. According to a poll, Reid's favorability rating's at 38%-- with unfavorability pushing 50%.

So should Republicans be rejoicing right now? Not really. Just keep hammering him and organize the get-out-the-vote effort now if you want to unseat Reid in 2010.

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