Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iran Government Represses Popular Uprising; Where's Obama and the Main Stream Media?

The post-election turmoil in Iran continues as thousands of students gather in the streets of Tehran to demand freedom. Their free speech and right to assemble is being mercilessly crushed by the Iranian military on the orders of the government itself. Yet the televisions and the teleprompters remain silent in the greatest beacon of democracy on the planet: our United States.

You may remember months ago that an incredibly fraudulent election took place in Iran, with incumbent President Mahmud Ahmadinejad "winning" reelection over challenger Mir Hossein Musavi. The "votes" were counted and showed irrefutable proof that much of the election was faked, including cases where votes "cast" were actually more than the number of registered voters in many regions.

Eventually the Main Stream Media picked up on the story and it was headline news for a few days. After that, as the President saw that popular American support was behind the protesters in Iran, Mr. Obama made a wishy-washy speech about Iran, talks, and voting. He stated that he supported the "right" of Iranians, but did not mention the election results or the fraud within.

But soon, both the President and the MSM fell silent. Lured by more shiny topics, the media and Administration left Iranian students' rights behind. Six months later, the protests in Iran continue. The people of Iran still call out for freedom. The people of Iran call out for the very hope that our President campaigned on.

Where is President Obama? Sir, you promised hope and change and a new world when you were seeking election. Now, as the beleaguered yet resilient people of Iran call out for the things you promised, they are greeted by your silence. How can you stand idley by and not defend the burgeoning rights of Iranian students? Not a speech, not a paragraph, not a sentence, not a word.

The same goes for our Main Stream Media. Where is the support for democracy and free speech? Apparently, the MSM and our President seem to take these rights for so granted that they ignore the rights of others.

I stand with the people of Iran.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

More now than ever, the pro-democracy crowd could benefit from some behind the scenes CIA style monkeywrenching such as Porter Goss did in the Ukraine, or possibly a non-sociable call paid on the Pasadran bases and barracks when everyone is inside sleeping by some B-2s. But that will not happen, because we've elected the knave Obama. Good luck to Iran, because we're not coming to help.