Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vote Brown.

To all Republican voters in Massachusetts,

the Republican nominee for the Massachusetts special United States Senate race will be selected this afternoon, as State Senator Scott Brown will be facing longtime token candidate Jack Robinson for the Republican nomination. I would like to advise all Republican voters to support State Senator Scott Brown, for numerous reasons - he is not a career token candidate such as Robinson, he is in this to win, and Brown is a good Conservative on economic issues.

Robinson is such a horrible candidate, that when he challenged Senator Kennedy in the 2000 elections, Robinson received just 12.86% of the vote, a Libertarian candidate received 11.88% of the vote in comparison, leaving Kennedy with another six years to push his destructive agenda in the Senate. Scott Brown on the other hand, has won elected office in Massachusetts, a miracle in itself for Republicans in the once Patriot state.

I call on all Republicans to vote for State Senator Scott Brown, he is the best candidate for Republicans, we need someone who is in this election to win it, not to be a token candidate for the fourth time.

Scott Brown believes in Capitalism, the second amendment right to bear arms, is opposed to illegal immigration, government run health care, cap & trade, and he is a Veteran. Considering we are talking about Massachusetts, Scott Brown is a first rate candidate, he is a candidate all Republicans should support, in the voting booth or otherwise.


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