Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Stand For Victory in Afghanistan

We here at Jumping in Pools stand for victory in Afghanistan against the Taliban and al Qaeda. There is no way that we can allow this band of theocratic fascists to control one of the most vital waypoints in Central Asia. It was from Afghanistan that the September 11th atrocities were planned, it was from Afghanistan that the Taliban moved into Pakistan.

We must win there. Period.

We have significant disagreements with President Obama. None of us (not even Joe, a democrat) supported him in 2008. However, we must throw away some of our disagreement in order to do what's best for the soldiers and for the nation as a whole.

We support the troop surge. We hope that the President will send at least 10,000 more soldiers in order to fulfill General McChrystal's request. We hope that NATO and other nations will also send thousands of new troops. Our dear ally Georgia has announced that it is sending almost 2,000 troops, and Britain is sending 500 more.

This is a particularly difficult issue to us. One of our writers, Eli, is in the National Guard training to be a medic. It is likely that he may go to Afghanistan and we want to make sure that reinforcements are there to win the war and destroy the Taliban.

The Taliban and al Qaeda are our enemies, not the President. I hope that after the speech President Obama places responsibility in Generals McChrystal and Petraeus to finish the job.

We all depend on it.

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Mr. K said...

We stand for victory, however, when your plan includes an exit plan, when you have no idea what the future holds, it does not sound like a plan to win.

I support all troop increases, I wan't victory from the scum.

Harrison said...

When you set a withdraw date before you send the troops in you've already failed - and sent men and women to needless deaths.