Thursday, April 1, 2010

The "Contract From America" is lacking.

Concerned citizens have introduced a "Contract From America" platform where over 300,000 American citizens have voted on specific items that should be included in a new "Contract" for politicians and citizens to agree upon. However, when reviewing the "leading" planks of this new "Contract", there is much to be desired.

1. The Contract will require Congress to be specific as to what portion of the Constitution affirms their right to enact whatever legislation is being debated. This plank is a good idea for the most part, but there should be an exemption for National Defense related issues, such as the Patriot Act.

2. The Contract is demanding a Balanced Budget amendment to the United States Constitution, once again a great idea, however, the proposed amendment includes "with a two-thirds majority needed for any tax hike", I'm not a Constitutional scholar, but the Constitution allows for the Budget to be written and passed on a "50% +1" format alone, and that includes taxes for the most part.

3. The Contract has no mention of Health Care (as it stands, voting is not over), Pork Barrel spending, Government spending, lowering taxes or defending our Homeland (defense related issues are Domestic, as well as Foreign) with the weekend left to vote, I find that discouraging.

The greatest problem I have had with Tea Parties over the past twelve months, is their down right opposition to dealing with National Defense related issues, and when a topic is discussed, Judge Napolitano of Fox News is blasting the Patriot Act or is supporting a former solider who opposes our Wars against Terrorism.

In the end a "Contract From America" will fail, because we need our Representatives to humble themselves before us, instead of us demanding this or that from them. We need a "Contract For America", that will be written in Washington, but approved in the voting booths, nothing else will work for the American people.

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The Republicans must get back to their core principles of smaller government, strong national defense while ensuring more freedoms for America.