Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guam considers separation from the United States.

This just in from Guam Today:

Following the remarks of one United States Congressman who insinuated that the Island of Guam would capsize if 8,000 additional American troops were stationed on the American territory, Guam officials have announced their intention to become their own Nation after enduring too many insults for too long.

Guam's Republican Governor, Felix Perez Camacho, met with Constitutional lawyers last night to discuss a plan of separation, and Alicia Limtiaco, the Island's non-partisan Attorney General met with members of the Territorial Legislature in hopes of rallying support for the separation effort.

Congressman Hank Johnson insulted the people of Guam on the House floor yesterday, when he wondered whether or not the Island would capsize because 8,000 additional American troops might be stationed in Guam, considering the population has increased 24,000 over the past nine years without error, I suspect 8,000 more would be no big deal.

Guam wants to leave the United States. Goodness! Who will be next.......the Virgin Islands? People talked about President Bush, well........I don't remember a territory of the United States threatening to leave under Bush!

Also, Happy April Fool's Day!

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