Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Florida's 19th congressional special election - results.

NOTE TO READERS: The ballots are still being counted in Florida, infact only two of four counties have reported their votes from earlier in the day, stay tuned for more updates as the night goes on.

Update: Florida is also holding a local House of Representatives special election in one of the counties that involve our Congressional special election, that Republican candidate received 66% of the vote in that county; good news for the Lynch campaign as we await more results.

Update: Some are calling this election for Deutch, even though the Florida website hasn't been updated for over an hour and only 43% of precincts have reported. That's not enough for me.

Update: I keep reading that the Democrat candidate; Ted Deutch has won the special election 61.7 to 35.4% over Edward Lynch, however, I have been searching the entire Internet: Why cannot I not find the official results? This is pissing me off; I'm sure that Deutch is the winner, but can we see some stats?

For those who are unaware: Florida's 19th congressional district held a special election to replace Congressman Wexler today, a little known fact to most members of the Conservative coalition, considering our thoughts have been focused on Washington, instead of Democrat dominated districts, perhaps a fatal mistake when looking back on Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

Jumping in Pools hasn't forgotten about this special election, as I interviewed the Republican candidate, Edward Lynch Jr. a few months ago about his campaign, and I have been following this election; without writing too much about it, but the Republican candidate could win this evening, in a district that supported Obama two-to-one in 2008.

Here are the latest results from the Florida Department of State Division of Elections:

Ted Deutch (D) - 7,342 - 53.8%.
Edward Lynch (R) - 5,837 - 42.8%.
Jim McCormick (I) - 458 - 3.4%

Wexler (D) won this district with 66.2% of the vote in November of 2008, and the current Democrat is leading a little known Republican with just 53.8% of the vote in a D + 15 congressional district? It doesn't take Karl Rove to realize our electoral hopes in 2010 are looking real good.

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