Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interview with Political Byline

Jumping in Pools is proud to present its 76th interview in our ongoing series. Today's interview is with Patrick of Political Byline. This site offers cutting analysis and insight into the political arena. So check out the site and make sure to bookmark it!

1.      When and why did you start Political Byline?

Well, I should be up front and honest with everyone, Political Byline is not my first blog.  I came on the blogging scene back in 2006. I started out a “Historic Populist” (See here for reference) I will tell you however, that I always thought that Abortion was Murder and that Homosexuality was morally wrong.  However, I have always felt that Abortion and “Gay Marriage” should be a State issue and NEVER a Federal one. --- Anyhow, I called my former blog, originally anyhow, “The Populist.”  It was hacked, I believe, by Russian Hackers. 

By the time the hacking happened, which was on December 28, 2007, I had totally become disillusioned by what the Democratic Party was doing.  Basically what happened was this, the Democratic Party realized that the only way that they would be elected, would be to run on a platform of racial entitlement, and it is sad, because that party was not founded as a party of entitlement. 

The Democratic Party was started as the party of the common person.  Needless to say, the socialists (in the old days, they called them Communists…) won that little war within that party. Barack Obama was the result of that victory, that was fought for years, one person, who I have great admiration for, Walter Reuther, the President of the U.A.W., who died in 1970, fought against the Communists.  He won the battle within his own union, but it was short lived. Because eventually, the whole progressive movement had infiltrated the unions, and the Democratic Party, as a whole.

Anyhow, Yes, I was a Democratic Voting person; I am from the Detroit Area.  My Father is a retired G.M. Worker and a UAW member. I guess it is what you grow up in…  

So, yes, I started this blogging business, after watching a documentary on CNN about the Bush Administration’s handling of the Iraq War --- which they admit now was done quite poorly in the beginning, that made me quite angry, and sparred me back into the thing which I had not done since I was a child and that was writing.  I did happen to know about this thing called “Blogging” and off I went, no manuals, no how to’s, just blind ambition!  I did learn the trade from watching a person named Bruce, who is no longer blogging, and I figured out the format and went from there.

Yes, I did and I still do, criticize Bush.  I could not stand the man.  He was a horrible communicator.  He was arrogant; I just did not like him, at all.  I did not vote for him, either time.  However, over time, as I blogged, I began to see just how “messed up” the Democratic Party had become in the last 30 or so years.  The very end of for me of ever supporting that Party again, was when Michelle Malkin reported on her blog, that some Anti-War Protestors had poured cutting oil on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C.  That was when it all got very personal; my uncle served in Vietnam.  He was drafted and he served his Country proudly.  To see people marring a memorial to those who fought and died for their Country was just a bit more than I could stand.  I did continue with the domain that I had, at the time, however, my views changed greatly.  I realized that the Socialists, whom McCarthy fought against and Reuther fought against, were mainstream.

Anyhow, the hacking happened, I changed streams, and blogged against what I felt and still do feel is very wrong.  I also got some better blog hosting as well!

I think that it is very important for any liberal who happens to read this site to know that the Democratic Party of FDR, and even JFK is not the Democratic Party of today.  The outsiders, the one’s who were fighting the Chicago cops in 1968, have seized control of the Democratic Party, and that my friends is damned scary.

I will say this, I originally started blogging with idea that neither of the Parties, Republican or Democratic are moral or political absolutes.  Both parties have their issues.  Which is why I did not vote Republican in 2008, I voted for Bob Barr.

2.      Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected/feared?

I think that it is important to note, that I do not fear any man.  Let me quote some Bible:

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. -- (Matthew 10:28 KJV)

For this reason, I do not fear President Obama, at all.

Now to answer your question; Yes, Obama was just about what I expected.  I did not think that he would expand the Government as much as he has, since his election.  I blew it on that prediction.  However, I do not believe that he is an evil person, just very misguided.

3.      What's your favorite part of running your site?

When someone links to the blog, which is not very often.  Robert Stacy McCain and I trade links, But that’s about it.

4.      Any favorites for the 2012 race yet?

Nah, too early.

5.      Do you believe that ObamaCare is unconstitutional?

Honestly?  I am not a lawyer.  Therefore, I will leave that question to the smart people.  However, the whole, “You have to take this or we’ll take your tax refund”, tends to tick me off.

6.      Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes, I think you should put Joe’s picture or a new one of him back up there.  Screw the haters.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt! :)

I've linked to it.

Hang in there man...


Jan said...

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