Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hannity gets it.

Sean Hannity is a Reagan Conservative who outlines what Republican candidates must stand for in the upcoming elections and in their upcoming terms of governance, all of which is available in a Conservative must have; Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda, which I purchased this morning at a local Wal-Mart.

Hannity gets it. Conservatives and Republicans must work together as Conservatives, but allow for difference of ideological opinions in our movement, as we must recognize that Republicans are better than Democrats, even when Republicans are at their worst. I love the fact that Hannity doesn't attack, nor does he publicize one Republican or the other for supporting liberal policies, following The Eleventh Commandment.

Reagan is quoted through out the entire book, which pleases someone like myself who was born after Reagan was President for eight years, because the words of Ronald Reagan, which awoken millions of Americans, including my mother, will never lose their impact in the souls and hearts of Americans.

Hannity also bucks the Libertarian trend of the Tea Parties on National Defense, as his chapter on National Defense was a 22 page masterpiece on the idiocies of Barack Obama in relation to his failed attempts at "repairing our standing with the world". Hannity goes where most Republicans and Conservatives haven't gone: He recognizes our National Defense is the most important issue in America, something our Tea Party Patriot allies have neglected.

In the end, the Fox News superstar has released an important book that all Conservatives should purchase if their personal incomes allow for it, because there isn't anything earth shattering that was written, but it gives a drifting Conservative movement a foundation of principles to stand on, to stand with and to stand resolute through out.

Also, Hannity mentioned the Honduras situation as one of Obama's floundering moments in regards to his version of National Defense, I hope more Conservatives also comment on the debacle that was Honduras, because we can learn a lot from those tense Summer months.

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1 comment:

Aaroncoal said...

I like Hannity's politics. But his delivery is just not my style. He has very limited knowledge of the subject, so he spends 3 hours a day repeating talking points. Mark Levin and Rush are where I can go to advance my conservative arsenal.