Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vote: Senator Bennet or Senator Bennett?

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Some might consider this a trick question, but it isn't. Which United States Senator should we as Conservatives dedicate resources to defeat? Senator Bennet of Colorado, an ardent liberal who votes the partisan line for President Obama, or Senator Bennett of Utah, a lifelong Republican who has opposed the Obama administration on almost all issues.

Conservatives are targeting Senator Bennet of Colorado in the upcoming general election, while Conservatives are also targeting Senator Bennett of Utah in the upcoming Republican caucus. As a Conservative who wants to defeat Democrats in November, instead of whining about a Utah Republican who likes earmarks, we should dedicate ourselves to removing Senator Bennet from office, instead of targeting our own.

It could be just me, but defeating Democrats should be our objective, not demanding the head of a man who has been on our side this entire session of Congress. I might be grasping straws, but I want to hear from the readers of Jumping in Pools: Who should we dedicate ourselves to eradicating from the Senate? The Democratic Bennet or the Republican Bennett?

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