Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hayworth does it again.

It shouldn't surprise me anymore, but it disappoints me beyond belief. Congressman Hayworth, the supposed Conservative Republican is once again depicting Senator McCain as a dark figure, while comparing him to President Obama; the man Senator McCain lost the 2008 Presidential election to.

This is a sign of desperation: Hayworth cannot win on the issues, he cannot overcome the years of experience that Senator McCain has, and he cannot run a fair or accurate campaign. The real Hayworth is coming out for all to see, the cards are on the table, and the voters continue to join McCain on a regular basis.

The Republican voters of Arizona will select a candidate in several months, one could be a strong Republican who will win reelection with ease and legislate as a Conservative, the other is a weak Republican who could lose the election to our Democratic foes come November, and who will not legislate honestly.

Vote McCain.

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