Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interview with Pamela Gorman, Republican Candidate in Arizona's Third District

Jumping in Pools is proud to present our 75th interview in our on-going series. Today we are pleased to have Pamela Gorman (R, AZ) answer questions for us. Ms. Gorman is running for the House in Arizona's third district; check out her campaign website here. Thanks to Ms. Gorman for a fine interview:

Why are you the best choice for Arizona's Third District?

The people of the 3rd district know our country is hurtling down a dangerous path. They want a representative who will take timeless common sense conservative solutions to Washington and return our country to prosperity.

I have a proven record, in the state legislature, of advancing and standing up for conservative principle above all else. The challenge the next Congress faces is immense. The American people are counting on us to turn the tide against the socialist onslaught of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid regime.

My record of fighting for tax cuts, defending 2nd amendment rights, and protecting the sanctity of life, lets voters know what to expect from me in Congress.

Yet, it is my record of reading every bill, demanding government transparency, and applying conservative solutions to today’s out-of-control government that sets me apart.

If given the chance, would you vote to repeal the Health Care overhaul that was just passed by the President and Democrats?

I most certainly would. The important thing is that we derail Obamacare, whether through repeal, defunding, state lawsuits, or a Supreme Court decision. Obamacare is an assault on individual liberty and will cost lives.

What plans do you have to decrease illegal immigration in Arizona?

Arizona suffers under the burden of illegal immigration while the Federal government does nothing. As congresswoman I will lead on demanding the Federal government secure the southern border, and never give amnesty to those who have illegally entered the U.S. Furthermore, I will work to advance spending cuts that will help reduce entitlement programs and remove incentive to cross the border illegally.

Do you believe that the current Congress and Administration in Washington is over-spending and mortgaging the future of our nation?

It is impossible to think otherwise at this point. As I have in Arizona, I will work to cut spending and limit the size of the government. The key to long term success in curing overspending will be prevention. The American people, through their representatives, must put strict limits on government spending. Spending caps, requirements for two thirds of the states to ratify an increase in the debt limit, ending the earmark system, and most of all transparency; these are all likely components of successful spending control legislation. Effective transparency will be key in allowing the people to monitor their government and keep it in check.

What are your feelings on the Tea Parties that have swept the country in the last year?

Tremendous! The American people are showing their love of this country by making their voices heard. The Tea Parties offer hope that we will get real representatives of the people elected, not opportunistic politicians, and get to work fixing our country.

Anything more you would like to add?

If we work hard and get real American conservatives elected, we can save our nation. Do your homework, support good candidates, and take back control of your country!
I hope readers will continue this discussion by following my campaign and staying engaged with the political process.

You can learn more about my campaign at gorman2010.com, follow me on Twitter @pamelagorman, or find my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pamela-Gorman/49483302639

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Anonymous said...

OK Here's one.

"Obama lets Russia and China track US nuclear subs"

President Obama ordered all US Ballistic Missile Submarines to be refit with GPS tracking devices as part of a new "Nuclear Confidence" initiative. This will allow other countries to track the previously undetectable submarines.

China and Russia have not agreed to reciprocate, but the Obama administration hopes that they will soon follow suit and equip their submarines with the same devices. Despite the lack of concrete promises from other nuclear powers, the White House has taken the initiative and ordered the refitting process to begin immediately.

Feel free to add a fake source, quotes, more details etc. But it'll make a great e-rumor.

Michael Avitabile said...

^^^^This may very well be one of the most confusing comments that we have ever gotten. What it is doing on an interview with a Congressional candidate for Arizona, we may never know.

Anonymous said...

It's a suggestion for your next satire piece.

It's relevant to current events, and somewhat believable. Take it, leave it, lengthen it, whatever. But I'm sure it'll make a huge splash.

Michael Avitabile said...

Oh, I see. Thanks for the suggestion anonymous, but we've been trying to cover the actual news lately. Your suggestions are actually pretty good, but we're not going down the satire road, at least for a little while.