Sunday, April 4, 2010

In defense of Michael Steele.

Michael Steele is under attack from Liberals, Moderates and Conservatives this Easter, as there appears to be a coordinated effort to remove Michael Steele from the position of Chairman in the Republican National Committee. I'm not sure as to what the reasoning could be, but doesn't it seem odd that Chairman Steele was attacked, just as the Republican ship was being righted?

I'm being realistic as a Conservative Republican who opposed the election of Chairman Steele last year, and even though his Administration has had some rough spots (decrease in donations, leaving Scott Brown for dead, and declaring that Republicans wont recapture the House during the November elections), Steele has provided national Republicans with leadership and a sense of direction.

In response to the damning article written in Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller, a Conservative 527 has been launched to raise funds on the behalf of Republican candidates, so Conservatives & Republicans no longer have to contribute to the Republican National Committee, a direct assault on Chairman Steele's leadership.

All of the stars are aligning against Michael Steele, which in the end hurts our electoral, political and cultural movement as Republicans. We cannot compete or survive against the Democrats if our fundraising vehicles are neutered. We cannot prosper when our leader and leadership is being sabotaged from within.

I know that Chairman Steele is no longer a favorite of Conservatives, but we cannot abandon our movement because he is Chairman, because a few disgruntled Republicans want power again or because the Main Stream Media is prejudiced against Black Republicans. We need a national and centered leadership for the upcoming congressional and presidential elections, fracturing millions of Republicans between choice a or choice b, will result in continued Democratic governance.

Michael Steele is our leader for another nine months at the least, whether or not he deserves power should be decided after the November elections, and only after the November elections.

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