Sunday, April 4, 2010

Republicans need to filibuster Obama's next Nominee.

Justice John Paul Stevens will be retiring during President Obama's first term, but he doesn't know when. Allowing President Obama to nominate his second Justice to the Supreme Court when the time is at hand, and I can almost guarantee another "living Constitution" liberal hack will be selected.

The consequences of this nomination could effect the Supreme Court for decades, considering our Justices are aging as well, and because our Supreme Court is more powerful than ever. We have achieved judicial victories over the past twelve months, but Obama will have the power to nominate a steadfast liberal, who could serve for decades.

Senate Republicans have power that we haven't had since the conclusion of the Stimulus debate, and we need to use it against Obama's next Nominee to the United States Supreme Court. Our nominees have been filibustered time and time again, while liberal Justices are approved without great opposition, with the exception of Justice Sotomayor.

It is about time we use our power to strike down President Obama and his Senate allies. Health care was pushed down our throats without consideration, illegal procedures and unconstitutional gimmicks were used against Senate Republicans, now is the time for our objections to be raised and heard, now is our time to lock down Washington.

On a side note: Senator Specter is hoping Justice Stevens to hold off on retiring until next year; I guess there is something that Conservatives and Senator Specter can agree upon, then again the thought of Senator Specter still in Washington next April, is hilarious and pure wishful thinking on the Senators behalf.

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Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Democrats have NEVER filibustered a supreme court nominee (although they did a few times at the federal appeals court level). In fact, neither Thomas nor Alito would be on the court had they been filibustered as neither got 60 votes in the Senate. No supreme court nominee has ever been filibustered, and therefore the move would indeed be unprecidented.

Matthew Avitabile said...

^^ what about Robert Bork?

Jimmy's Wang said...

I've got 12 inches of Bork waiting for you right here.


unique gift ideas said...

Guys Obama tried to filibuster Alito He cannot complain now, and neither can Dems. This is how you roll and it's biting you.