Thursday, April 8, 2010

Interview with Andy Goss, Republican Congressional Candidate for Arizona's Eight District

We here at Jumping in Pools are proud to present our 74th interview in our on-going series. Today we are honored to have Andy Goss (R, AZ) answer questions for us. Mr. Goss is running for Congress in Arizona's Eight District; Mr. Goss is a veteran who believes in a smaller, more responsible government that is fiscally sound. You can check out his campaign website here. Thanks to Mr. Goss again:

Why are you the best choice for Arizona's Eight District?

I believe I am the best choice for Arizona's 8th District for a couple of reasons. Number one, I've owned and run a business before. I understand how vital small business is to the American economy and I want to get government out of their way. I've also worked in the finance industry and in the mortgage industry. Over 17 years ago when I got married, I wasn't exactly affluent. My wife and I had to scrape by and we learned that it is important to budget money and live within your means which is something I feel government pays token lip service to but does not do. I understand and live with the same concerns most people in my district have. My empathy isn't faked; it's very real.

Do you believe that Congress has forgotten the average soldier, who gave up so much for their country?

I think there are many in Congress who still appreciate what the average soldier goes through. However, there are many who also hold our military in disdain. People like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid disgust me. I'm not sure President Obama really respects our military despite his photo ops. His actions just don't back up his words. Our military is also using old equipment and their budgets seem to be of less importance than they were under the great Ronald Reagan. So, I think it is accurate to say that there can be some improvement in the relationship between Congress and the military.

In your opinion, has our government overstepped the boundaries that were laid by the Founding Fathers?

Government has absolutely overstepped its bounds. The very concept that the federal government can dictate to Americans that they must purchase a good or service like this health care fiasco makes my blood boil. They have forgotten to whom they answer. Government had no business in bailing out companies or taking 60% ownership in General Motors. The founders were inspired men and they system of government they created came from the inspiration of the Almighty. Benjamin Franklin himself wondered how it could be that if not even a sparrow could fall without God's notice, how then would it be likely this Republic could be raised up without His inspiration. Our government is too big, too bureaucratic and possesses too much power. This must change.

What plans do you have to help Arizona and your district?

My plans to help this district are simple common sense. I want to go to Washington and begin reforming our 9 million word tax code. I want it replaced with a 15% flat tax. I want to incent businesses to come back to Arizona and America by giving businesses who left America an 18 month tax holiday. They come back, set up shop and bring their jobs with them and pay no corporate tax for 18 months. After 18 months, I want the corporate tax reduced to 15%. Government is breaking the back of small and large business. I also want to bring to Arizona another nuclear power plant. I want Arizona to use the vast resources we have and employ people to harvest them. I want to provide honest representation to Washington, not represent Washington to my district. I want them to have the freedom to choose their own health care and I will do everything I can to defund the hiring of new IRS enforcers and every other un-Constitutional program this administration attempts to force on us.

You served in the United States armed forces. In that time, what was the most valuable lesson that you learned?

The most valuable lesson I learned while serving in the armed forces is the popular cliche "freedom isn't free". It requires sacrifice, time away from family in some cases and it requires courage. We have the finest military in the world and the best families and citizens supporting them. I love them. I pray for them. I learned that with determination and good leadership, we can and have won incredible victories and we will yet win many more. The military is the pride of America.

Anything more you would like to add?

The other thing I'd like to add is this. We are seeing things we've never seen before happening in America right now. It is time for Americans to start taking a close look at candidates who are running for office. It's time to start asking your questions and getting your answers. Now is not the time to keep sending the same type or same politicians back to represent us. It is imperative that we look beyond their campaign bank accounts and look at the character and integrity of the candidate. Who has solutions? Who will go and do what they say they will do? I've taken a personal 4 term limit pledge and made proposals I don't think any other candidate in America has made. If elected, I will propose a 40% salary reduction for Congress and the Senate. I will propose a barracks or dormitory or apartment building is built to house all 535 of us. This isn't about control, it's about accountability and doing the job we were elected to do. If living in a structure like that is good enough for those that defend our freedoms, it is good enough for me. Until that goal is realized, I will join my favorite Congressman, Jason Chaffetz of Utah and I will sleep in my office on a cot. I will do exactly what I say I will do if elected.

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