Thursday, April 8, 2010

Massachusetts hypocrites.

Besides for the election of Senator Scott Brown a few months ago, the modern residents, voters and political wizkids of Massachusetts are pure hypocrites, especially when it comes to energy related policies. Remember the "hypocrisy" of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, who supported wind turbines for all America, except for where he vacationed.

Well, according to a just released Rasmussen Reports poll, 62% of Massachusetts residents believe offshore oil drilling should be allowed, but 43% of Massachusetts residents are opposed when asked if oil drilling should proceed off the coasts of New England and California.

I'm not a rocket scientist, but those Massachusetts folks want offshore oil drilling across the coastlines of America, except for their coastlines. Sounds like the Kennedy hypocrisy, Conservatives just loved to hate, is the norm for most of Massachusetts, which is saddening.

Also, should we take this polling data as an improvement in Massachusetts or as the continued liberalism of the once great state?

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1 comment:

The Lonely Conservative said...

NIMBYA!!! That's their motto.