Saturday, April 3, 2010

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Today Jumping in Pools is proud to present our interview with Billboards Against Obama. They're a fast-growing site that have received high praise in the short time that they have been running ads. They were gracious enough to take some time and answer some of our questions. They are our 72nd interview in our on-going series.

1. When and why did you start Billboards Against Obama?

This initiative was conceived about two months ago by a group of small business owners and the site went live in the last week. Donations have been coming in for the last week and range from one dollar to $3200.

2. What is your overall goal?

The overall goal is to awaken more taxpayers and other citizens to the dangers of dependency and collectivism being promoted by the Obama administration. As the founders emphasized, a spirited debate is in the best interests of our republic.
First, we want to catch people’s attention and heighten their awareness to the path we are on as a nation and secondly, provide education in the principles of freedom and the character qualities of personal responsibility, service, work ethic, thrift, and self-motivation. We are especially interested in providing resources for those who haven’t typically been involved in politics, but now feel compelled to get out of the stands and onto the field to make a difference for the generations to come.

3. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected/feared?

In virtually every category the president has behaved in office as expected (unfortunately). With very little due diligence, any voter or potential voter could have learned (before the election) much about Barack Obama’s personal philosophies which clash severely with the principles and intentions of the Founding Fathers. And his lack of experience in the business sector, as a chief executive, or service in the military rounds out his distinct worldview and shallow resume as president of the United States.

4. Any favorites yet for the 2012 presidential race?

We would certainly like to support a candidate who understands and appreciates the private sector(and has a successful track record) and the contribution that free markets have made to the dramatic prosperity of our nation. Secondly, we would like to support a candidate who values the Constitution and the principles of individual liberty outlined by the Framers. This candidate should appeal to taxpayers and to all citizens who understand the virtue of limited government and the dangers demonizing America’s most productive. Last but not least, this candidate must have the ability to articulate freedom principles in a clear and simple fashion so he connects with a widespread group of voters.

5. What has been the best part about running your site?

The best part has been the amazing support in a short amount of time from Americans across the country who have learned of our efforts and have reinforced our determination with their donations and with their words of encouragement. In the brief time we have been up and running, we appear to be giving an outlet or platform for those who feel their voice has been smothered by the mainstream media and those seeking to be taken care of as wards of the state.
6. Are you afraid of any backlash?

We anticipate a backlash and the standard labels that are likely to be hurled by those who cannot defend the philosophy or policies of the president on its merits. Liberty isn’t free and spreading the truth will always be met with resistance. We intend to stimulate a spirited and respectful debate that will have ramifications for generations to come.

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Chuck Adams said...

Were you able to discover anything about the identities of the folks/companies or organizations behind I've looked and looked and although they give a lot of e-interviews, they "prefer to remain anonymous." That's really weird, with so many people publicly yelling and shaking their fists...