Saturday, April 3, 2010

Justice Stevens might be retiring.

Justice John Paul Stevens is debating whether or not he will retire in the immediate future. I'm feeling a sudden rush of explosive thoughts entering my brain, because this would allow Barack Obama, a diehard Liberal, to nominate another Justice to the Supreme Court, for decades.

According to the Associated Press; Justice Stevens will be deciding on whether or not he will be retiring in the near future, to allow the President and the Senate an adequate amount of time to find a eventual replacement. Stevens was nominated to the Supreme Court in 1975 by President Ford, and he remains a staunch member of the liberal caucus.

If the 90 year old Justice Stevens were to retire, it would allow President Obama to nominate a second Justice within his first term of Office, and I guarantee the nominee would be a liberal in the same fashion that Justice Sotomayor is. When these nominations come about, a sickening feeling overcomes me, as I know the death of just one Conservative Justice; could result in the death of our Constitution as we know it.

If there was ever a reason to elect Senator McCain in 2008, it would be the Supreme Court; as the power of a Supreme Court Justice is more important than our elected Senators or Representatives in the Halls of Congress when it comes to our United States Constitution. John McCain is a lot of things, but he isn't a man who would appoint a Justice Sotomayor or a Justice Stevens.

I ask that all Conservatives watch the Supreme Court for regular updates on Justice Stevens, because another Justice who leaves, will open the Court to another Obama nominee for decades, something we cannot afford at this time, especially since our own Justices are aging as well.

If you think Sotomayor was bad, imagine a Justice Joe Biden, a Justice Cass Sunstein, a Justice David Hamilton, or a Justice Harold Koh; those are thoughts that keep me awake at night.

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1 comment:

Peter Stewart said...

I think he's retiring because he's just too tired anymore.

All of the years, bad decisions, and annoying media has got to be taking its toll.

With this wave of press expect him to retire soon.