Friday, April 2, 2010

Interview with Former Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate, Mosheh Thezion

Jumping in Pools is proud to present our 71st interview in our on-going series. Today, I have the honor of asking Republican Mosheh Thezion of California questions about the Senate race and his planned run for President. Feel free to check out his website here, but make sure you come back and read his interview. I'd like to personally thank Mr. Thezion for taking the time to answer our questions:

Now that you are out of the California Senatorial election, who do you support?

Well, since none of the other Republican candidates have asked for my endorsement, I will simply say that I will personally vote for, which ever Republican Candidate wins the Republican Primary and runs against Boxer, and I wish them the best in doing so.

Why do you want to become President?

1) I don't want to be President, and I run out of a sense of duty to my nation, to try and solve the problems, which, our past and present government is apparently incapable of doing, and by that I mean restore the Constitution as the rule of Law, and end the continued use of Emergency War Powers as so-called 'established' law.
I run for President to fix what has gone wrong with our nation, and I dare say the world. See----->
I run because for some reason, I have developed detailed solution plans for our nation to consider and I am ready to debate you, and any other human on earth concerning these solution plans, seriously. I offer plans of solution, challenge them if you can.

2) It is an established fact of world history that our nation has been operating in bankruptcy since the New Deal of 1933, with the National Banking act of 1933, and that since that time, by definition our entire nation has operated in debt slavery. It's wrong, and it must end. Bankruptcy is not meant to be continued forever.

3) As part of that New Deal of 1933, they took away our rights to truly own land and property which cannot be taken away without due compensation. Today they can take our property in many different ways and we are not compensated one dime.

4) The only way they could do the things listed above was by declaring a state of Emergency which they did in 1933, and it remained in effect until 1976, with the National Emergencies Act of 1976, but its first section states that all powers granted which are not disputed in law, or pending a scheduled ending, are retained by the Federal Government. See-------->
Which means, they ended the Emergencies but kept the War Powers, which is of course a sham, because if they keep the powers, then the emergency and the completely un-constitutional War powers granted, actually never ends, legally.

5) It is another fact that our nations schools, and morality are in the toilet, and to solve for education I propose detailed plans to re-organize the educational system nationwide, to serve a more specific function, rather than only teaching, schools should teach students to teach themselves, and have confidence in doing so.

And to restore the moral fiber which should be the back bone of our free society, I propose to implement a nation wide expansion of national standards in outdoor advertising, and new detailed rating systems for Radio, Tv, Cable, and Internet, and introduce a tax incentive program, to motivate the media industry over the long term to clean up their ads, shows, and content, so as to change their tax bracket, and increase the bottom line. Positive media content deserves a tax break, smut and sin does not.

6) It is another fact that the legal system we have today is not Constitutional, and is basically established on Emergency War Powers, forced Federal citizenship, forced corporate status via the Social Security system, and the never ending bankruptcy of the nation, all of which, was put together in 1938, when they threw out 150 years of Common Law legal precedent, because the Federal Government was not able to write law under the Common Law, so... using Emergency War Powers, the Federal Government, just threw out the Common Law legal system, which was freedom, and forced all the people to obey a new Statute court system, which is Un-Constitutional, and the opposite of freedom.

7) Fixing the system, I believe is very possible, if we are willing to embrace the principles of the founding fathers, which meant us to be free, of debts.. of bondage or oath to any foreign power, or overlord, ... We are not supposed to enslave ourselves willingly.

8) Also our nation is involved with many conflicts, including a conflict with idealist across the globe of many sorts, such as the religious fanatic, and the only way to offset this hatred is to not only resolve the issues of poverty in those many nations, but, to de-centralize the power structure off the USA, and onto an international body, which is responsible for these global expansion efforts in benefit to the many nations.

9) I run for the Presidency in order to form a more perfect union, of these United States, and hopefully, carve the foundation for such a union amongst the nation states of Earth.
We must restore the Constitution as the rule of Law, and with it, Freedom, the Common Law, property rights, real money, and a new banking system, which is not loan sharking itself into riches off the blood sweat and tears of the people.

I propose a New Deal for 2012, to end all world poverty, by expanding the free market, restoring the Constitution, real money, ending the national debt, and freeing the nations people and businesses from the burden of excess taxation it has suffered under for so long. Reason, and a reasonable government is restored with this New Deal for 2012, as it restores the Constitution and its clear limits, and ends the debt slavery and lets the american people keep more of what they have, and actually own it, so that it cannot be taken away without due compensation, and the protections of a Constitutional Common Law court.

Do you believe that the economic situation in California will improve in the next two years?

That depends on numerous factors, being mostly the chosen economic policy that California's government chooses to take. So, while it is true I am not Presently running for Governor of California, IF I was, I would propose the following, and maybe those who are, will take heed.

1) Reorganize schools, to lower state costs. >

2) Reorganize the prison system, to put all prisoners to work, doing something productive of value somewhere and somehow, with incentive programs to get inmates to work.

3) Regulate the costs involved with Emergency Room care in California, because right now there is no oversight to what a hospital charges for what it delivers, and the overall cost to tax payer is very high, in comparison to the service provided.

4) Amend SB 32, to provide subsidies, and tax incentives, and motivational reasons to buy filters and other equipment, rather than impose fines and fees, and punishment.

5) I would propose to let the state borrow to get into the solar energy business, and build numerous power plants using prison labor, and operate and expand them for set periods of time such as 50 years, and then sell them to the free market

All of that is of course besides lowering taxes.

What is your favorite thing about the great state of California?

Well, the weather of course, meaning it just doesnt get that cold.

Anything more you would like to add?

The debt currency system used today is not sustainable, and requires a solution plan to re-organize ourselves out of bankruptcy and into freedom once again. I, offer that solution plan, and I ask all Americans to consider it in detail on my campaign web site.

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It may look bleak for Republicans in the 2006 election, but the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency in 2008 will once again motivate Republican voters to get out the vote.